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Why certified occupational shoes?

 Our occupational shoes are light and comfortable and are particularly suitable for care professionals. They do not have a protective toe cap, but a non-slip, shock-absorbing and antistatic outsole. The abeba occupational shoes are certified according to EN ISO 20347:2012 and additionally, if required, in the area of orthopaedic insoles according to DGUV 112-191. Thus abeba offers full protection for feet that your employees wear all day.

 What are the benefits of certified occupational footwear as an employee health promotion measure?

 Maintain and support the health of employees

 Reduce downtimes

 Reduce personnel costs

 Create safety in the area of electronic equipment  

 Preventive employee appreciation

 Extend hygiene standards

 Increase motivation and concentration


 In a healthy body lives a healthy mind

Not only mental but also physical burdens have to be overcome in everyday life. Especially in strenuous and challenging occupational fields such as the healthcare sector, health promotion measures and processes are fundamentally important.

In the healthcare sector, employees take responsibility for their patients. As an employer, it goes without saying that they must be enabled to fulfill this responsibility in a fair manner. What could be better than satisfied employees who do excellent work and approach patients and colleagues with a smile?


   Why the wrong footwear leads to incapacity for work

According to the RKI, every employee in Germany is on sick leave for an average of about 18 days per year. Around a quarter, especially in the healthcare sector, are due to musculoskeletal disorders and incorrect foot­wear at the workplace. It is estimated that an employee‘s inability to work can cost companies up to 600 € per day.

For many healthcare workers, daily mobility and the demanding service to patients is a strenuous challenge. Continuous walking stress in the wrong shoe construction can lead to a deterioration of health and in some cases even to chronic diseases, contrary to professional shoes.