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1. Shock absorption reduces the occurrence of micro-damage. This technology is used to relieve the joints as much as possible during movement. It disperses large amounts of kinetic energy that impact the body with each step. SHOCK ABSORBER technology not only increases the ergonomic value of the shoe, but also helps prevent postural deformities and injuries.





2. The special construction of the upper is the application of PRO-TENDON technology, which is aimed at strengthening the protection of the Achilles tendon, which significantly improves resistance to mechanical injury. In addition, this construction stabilizes the ankle joint, which reduces the possibility of its twisting.





3. A technology that ensures a high level of comfort. The high flexibility of the shoe is achieved by raising the nose pad and the rear part of the tread, which allows the sole to adapt to the anatomical movements of the foot when walking, bending, kneeling and working in different body positions.





4. Guaranteed thermal comfort when working in cold rooms, cold storage and outdoors. Our cold protection technology ensures that the wearer‘s foot is insulated against very low temperatures, down to -25°C. The Thinsulate material used is a unique microfiber technology that ensures the highest thermal performance with the lowest weight and thickness.





5. ANA-TECH is a technology whose secret is the carefully designed shape of the sole. The widened heel area helps minimize the risk of ankle sprains, thanks to a larger area near the ground than standard shoes.





6. SELF CLEAN technology used in the construction of the sole is a system of channels in the tread that automatically drain water on a regular basis. This ensures grip and stability even on wet surfaces. SELF CLEAN also provides additional grip during intense movements between wet and dry surfaces.





7. UV PROTECTION is a technology that is applied to the entire length of the shoe and protects against the effects of UV rays on the materials from which it is made. This extends the durability and life of the shoe and facilitates the maintenance of the leather. The technology also helps to maintain the optimum temperature inside the shoe on sunny days.