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Shoes for Kitchen

Shoes for Kitchen

Abeba occupational and safety shoes are characterized in particular by the additional quality features HACCP and DGUV.

Through the quality feature HACCP, signifi cant health hazards from food can be identified, evaluated and eliminated. Through this quality assurance we guarantee the exclusion of materials which are susceptible to bacterial foci.

In addition, our articles are certified according to DGUV 110-002. Accordingly, a shoe is particularly suitable for the kitchen, if it:

• ensures a sufficiently firm fit on the foot,

• is completely closed in the front area and has a heel grip,

• has heels with a sufficiently large tread surface and moderate height,

• has anti-slip soles and anti-slip heels,

• has a molded footbed that is capable of keeping wear within tolerable limits, even with high mileage.